Published Work


The Singles Jukebox -- one-paragraph reviews of new music, in the midst of a (lovely) community, on a semi-regular basis since mid-2013.
Some sample reviews:
EXID, “Ah Yeah” (2015).
Z. Tao, “T.A.O.” (2015).
BTS, “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” (2016) and “Fake Love” (2018).
EXO, “Lotto” (2016), and NCT 127, “Regular” (2018).
My contributions to tributes to Tom Petty and Johnny Hallyday (2017).

Medium -- occasional essays:
The Character of Fabiano Caruana,” November 2018.
Old Lady, You're Breaking My Heart,” originally published May 2017, updated October 2017.
Why EXID’s Street Is the Album of the Year,” December 2016.
Why That Boston Globe Article on Norcross, Georgia, Is a Profoundly Stupid Failure,” September 2016.

Other Works:

plaNext -- “Immigrant Entrepreneurs' Access to Information as a Local Economic-Development Problem.”
Volume 2 (April 2016): 90-108. (plaNext is open-access: click on the link to read or download the article.)

One Week One Band -- writing about Kazakhstani pop group Ninety One, September 2017; Korean idol group 4Minute, November 2015; and the L.A. punk band X, July 2013. Which MBA? -- until I re-entered my doctoral program in 2015 I wrote regularly on trends in business education and interesting management research. You can do a search for my initials (J.L.H.D.) to find my contributions.

The Toast -- A Femslash Friday on the new Jem comic, March 2015. Also, two guides to K-pop: one about girl groups, in January 2014, and one (co-written with Madeleine Lee) on guy groups, in May 2014.

The Magazine -- “Not All Who Wander Are Lost,” Issue #34 (January 2014); “Mourning by Stone and Fountain,” Issue #38 (March 2014); “Brittle Memories,” Issue #55 (November 2014). Archived issues are available for individual purchase.

Carolina Planning Journal -- article on megaregions and collaborative planning efforts, Volume 39, Summer 2014 (not online).

The Magazine on Medium: “Tip of the Iced Burb,” February 2014.

I wrote about my mother for the New York Times's annual “Lives They Loved” supplement, December 2013.

Megaregions: Planning for Global Competitiveness (Island Press, 2009) -- co-author (with Catherine L. Ross) of the chapter, "The Megaregion and the Future of American Planning."


K-Pop Unmuted #15, 2017 (guest; with Stephen Knight and Joe Palmer) -- mostly EXID's EP Eclipse.

Swoonstep #5, 2014 (guest; with Crystal Leww and Megan Harrington) -- cultural carelessness beyond borders; what would Lee Michelle do?; describing SM Entertainment's troubles; the power of 18 minutes carefully clipped from Sesame Player.

The Singles Podcast #4, 2014 (host; with guests William B. Swygart, Katherine St. Asaph, Sonya Nicholson, and Madeleine Lee) -- the problem of Ariana Grande singing "shoulder" in "Problem"; how songs surprise us; an overview of K-pop recorded very shortly after Kris departed EXO.