Published Work


The Singles Jukebox -- one-paragraph reviews of new music, in the midst of a (lovely) community, on a semi-regular basis since mid-2013.

Medium -- sometimes I write essays:
"Why EXID's Street Is the Album of the Year," December 2016.
"Why That Boston Globe Article on Norcross, Georgia, Is a Profoundly Stupid Failure," September 2016.

Other Works:

plaNext -- "Immigrant Entrepreneurs' Access to Information as a Local Economic-Development Problem." Volume 2 (April 2016): 90-108. (plaNext is open-access: click on the link to read or download the article.)

One Week One Band -- writing about Korean idol group 4Minute, November 2015, and the L.A. punk band X, July 2013. Which MBA? -- until I re-entered my doctoral program in 2015 I wrote regularly on trends in business education and interesting management research. You can do a search for my initials (J.L.H.D.) to find my contributions.

The Toast -- A Femslash Friday on the new Jem comic, March 2015. Also, two guides to K-pop: one about girl groups, in January 2014, and one (co-written with Madeleine Lee) on guy groups, in May 2014.

The Magazine -- "Not All Who Wander Are Lost," Issue #34 (January 2014); "Mourning by Stone and Fountain," Issue #38 (March 2014); "Brittle Memories," Issue #55 (November 2014). Archived issues are available for individual purchase.

Carolina Planning Journal -- article on megaregions and collaborative planning efforts, Volume 39, Summer 2014 (not online).

Medium: "Tip of the Iced Burb," February 2014.

I wrote about my mother for the New York Times's annual "Lives They Loved" supplement, December 2013.

Megaregions: Planning for Global Competitiveness (Island Press, 2009) -- co-author (with Catherine L. Ross) of the chapter, "The Megaregion and the Future of American Planning."


K-Pop Unmuted #15, 2017 (guest; with Stephen Knight and Joe Palmer) -- mostly EXID's EP Eclipse.

Swoonstep #5, 2014 (guest; with Crystal Leww and Megan Harrington) -- cultural carelessness beyond borders; what would Lee Michelle do?; describing SM Entertainment's troubles; the power of 18 minutes carefully clipped from Sesame Player.

The Singles Podcast #4, 2014 (host; with guests William B. Swygart, Katherine St. Asaph, Sonya Nicholson, and Madeleine Lee) -- the problem of Ariana Grande singing "shoulder" in "Problem"; how songs surprise us; an overview of K-pop recorded very shortly after Kris departed EXO.