Image found on    Pixabay   , credited to user    skeeze

Image found on Pixabay, credited to user skeeze

CP 4020: Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning
Modified Syllabus and Reading Links

Georgia Institute of Technology
College of Design
School of City and Regional Planning
Summer 2019

Main Books

Class #1: What Is Planning?

Class #2: A Brief History of Planning

  • “Chapter 1: Introduction.” From The Death and Life of Great American Cities.

  • “Chapter 3: London’s Motorways,” from Great Planning Disasters.

  • Mumford, Eric. “Chapter 1: The Emergence of Modern Urbanism: European Cities in the Nineteenth Century,” and “Chapter 2: Cities in the Americas and the International Influence of the City Beautiful Movement.” From Designing the Modern City: Urbanism Since 1850 (Yale University Press, 2018).

Class #3: Zoning and Land Use in the United States

Class #4: Where Is the Public in Planning?

Class #5: Housing—Affordability and Gentrification

Class #6: Housing—The Provision of Public Housing

Class #7: Environmental Planning—The Impacts of Development

Class #8: Environmental Planning—Parks and Greenspace

Class #9: Transportation—Auto-Dependent Development

  • “Chapter 18: Erosion of cities of attrition of automobiles,” from The Death and Life of Great American Cities.

  • Ross, Catherine, “Chapter 14: Regional Growth, Transportation, and Congestion: The Atlanta Problem,” from Planning Atlanta.

  • Shoup, Donald, “Chapter 1: The Twentieth-Century Parking Problem,” from The High Cost of Free Parking (American Planning Association, 2011).

  • Shoup, Donald, “Parking Price Therapy,” Planning Magazine, October 2018, pp. 33–36.

Class #10: Transportation—Building, Funding, and Maintaining Public Transit