Freelance writer, mother of two.

From 2005 to 2010 I was a helluva doctoral student in city and regional planning.
Then I spent five years looking after my kids, freelancing,
and figuring out what I found meaningful.
In spring 2015 I rejoined the program;
I'm currently working on my dissertation on
how Latino-owned businesses perform in different U.S. metropolitan areas
and what that implies about ethnic entrepreneurship and economic development.
Other interests: public transit; transport costs and regional economies;
how public spaces reflect (and shape) social and cultural assumptions.

Basically years and years ago I read William H. Whyte's The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces
and it had a great effect on me.

When I'm not writing about people making value in places
I'm often writing about pop music,
most often for The Singles Jukebox.
I like being serious about silly things.

I've deactivated my Facebook account,
haven't used Twitter since December 2016, and have never used Instagram.
So if you get a message from me via those platforms, it's a fake.
But please do feel free to get in touch.

Finally: above image courtesy of Joel Mann, copyright 2006.
Do check out what he has to say about it.