Sometimes I string a bunch of songs that other people made together, as a way of telling a story. Listings here are in reverse chronological order of creation/curation.

  • It Was Better Before Before They Voted For What's-His-Name (Spotify) -- made as a quick, slightly clumsy gift for a friend with good reason to despair the results of the 2016 presidential election.
  • Some Good That Came Out of 2016 (YouTube) -- Singles of 2016. Work in progress; order doesn't matter; random play recommended. Note that "Formation" isn't included for lack of an official link.
  • Come Striding In (Spotify) -- the playlist I made for myself and listened to en route to Georgia Tech to defend my dissertation proposal. Meant for confidence-boosting; appropriately unsubtle.
  • Hi, Nephew (Spotify) -- to commemorate the birth of my brother and sister-in-law's first child.
  • Every Morning There Are Mountains To Climb (YouTube) -- a personal mix to remember 2015 by.
  • 2Yoon3Hyun4Minute5Eva (Spotify) -- made to accompany my One Week One Band writing on 4Minute.
  • Heartbreak Is a Road We Help You Walk Down (YouTube) (Spotify) -- made upon request for a friend going through a divorce. The YouTube version has one song Spotify doesn't, and a live version of SNSD's "Goodbye," as opposed to the album version.
  • Once Doug Marlette Was the Best Damn Editorial Cartoonist (Spotify) -- a collection of songs from the mid-1980s to early 1990s. Work in progress; you'll probably want to hit Shuffle.
  • Stven, It Was Really Nothing (XX Version) (YouTube) -- A friend of mine who hadn't previously expressed an interest in K-pop said he liked EvoL's "Get Up," and I riffed on that. Female groups only; all audio-only or lyric videos.
  • Aim for the Ace! (Spotify) -- curated to accompany a friend's birthday party.
  • Introduction to K-Pop Male Groups (YouTube) and Introduction to K-Pop Female Groups (YouTube) -- to accompany the pieces written for The Toast, 2014. Official videos when available.
  • The Very Thought of Losing Out Now Is Making Me Tremble (YouTube) -- a bunch of songs that marked 2013 for me.
  • Juana Giamio's Recommended Pop (YouTube) -- from a December 2013 list.