One of my recent hobbies has been creating music playlists from YouTube videos. (It makes it easier to play a bunch of interesting songs in a row when I'm doing the dishes.) Here they are, linked in reverse chronological order of creation.

The Very Thought of Losing Out Now Is Making Me Tremble.

A collection of songs that meant something to me in 2013. (Some NSFW.)

On ne sait rien de jeunesse ces jours-ci.

I volunteered to manage France for Freaky Trigger's 2014 Pop World Cup, where managers send out songs instead of players. Only problem was, I hadn't listened to French pop since my semester in Grenoble in 1998. So this is my haphazard, messy, unfinished tutorial on recent French pop. Feel free to suggest additions.

A Guide to K-pop Female Groups.

A playlist I made to accompany the Toast piece, January 2014.

Juana Giamio's recommended pop.

Juana, a music writer/fellow Singles Jukebox contributor, put together a list of pop and dance music she'd been listening to recently (in December 2013), but didn't feel like making it a playlist; so I made it for her.

Singles Jukebox Amnesty picks 2013.

Every year The Singles Jukebox asks each writer to nominate one song that didn't get covered over the usual course of the year, and should have. I hadn't heard of many of the nominees, so in order to figure out which I wanted to review, I put together a playlist for all of them (a few were not on YouTube, unfortunately). No rhyme or reason to the order.