Why blog (some more)?

Because I miss it.

Because I think writing is like a lot of other things: with more practice I get better at it.

Because I have found, somewhat to my chagrin, that one of the ways I learn is by exposing my arguments -- in all their flawed, half-baked non-glory -- and putting them up for, well, argument.

Because I've already drafted my entire Facebook feed into my dissertation-writing support group, and the rest of the Internet is feeling left out.

Because I like the idea of transparency in thinking and scholarship.

Because y'all have no idea how much you need to know my favorite track on 1989 ("Style," at the moment).

Because it'll be easier for Pejman to link to me now that I'm no longer on Tumblr.

Because I would rather y'all read this rambling silliness than whatever (even less useful) rambling sillinesses I wrote ten years ago that might come up on a search.

Because I have something to say.

Because I want other people (especially women) with something to say to read this and think, "Huh, she thinks she's awesome enough to be read, I'm considerably more awesome than that, I should write too."

Because writing is my way of connecting, of keeping at bay the scripts of loneliness, self-doubt, and self-pity that play, un-usefully, in my head.

Because: hello.